CAL’s 2017 Goal Setting Hacks PART 1 – How to deal to your goal setting personality

CAL’s 2017 Goal Setting Hacks PART 1 – How to deal to your goal setting personality

Goal Setting

We are all different, and goal setting is no different.

The ‘be, do, have’ goal techniques that inspire Jane, may not work for Jade who likes a ‘values-based’ approach.

Josh will respond to keeping goals simple, but Jacob might prefer detailed complexity.

Jemma could think goal setting is boring.

Jim may have set so many goals year after year that he has goal fatigue.

We’ve found four goal setting hacks to renew your motivations and quickly deal to your goal personality once and for all. Let’s get going …

Write your future self a letter using these 7 Steps

A year from now you will wish you had started today – Karen Lamb, Author.

  • Step 1: Imagine yourself a year from now, in 2018
  • Have your 2018 self, write a letter to your today self. Have your future self, describe to your now self what your life is like 12 months from now. Where are you living? What car are you driving? Have you had a holiday? Where are you working? What is your job role? Did you get a raise? If so, how much? What is your ideal relationship status and how does that look for you?

    Be casual and use your normal language style, like you would talking to your best friend. After all, most of us could do with being as kind, compassionate and encouraging with ourselves as we are with our besties.

  • Step 2: Hide the letter
  • Seal the letter in an envelope, address it to yourself and hide it away. Perhaps tucked inside your favourite inspirational book, behind your favourite painting, or in a special box. Choose somewhere that is significant to you. Then make a note in your calendar to open your letter a year from now.

  • Step 3: Create Your Action List
  •  With that 12-month vision fresh in your mind, write out an action list for the month. Ask yourself, ‘What do I need to start taking action now to take me to my desired future?’

  • Step 4: Monthly Action
  • Keep revising your list each month, and keep in action. If you find yourself uninspired to do certain items, let them go and give your attention to other items. Stay open to new opportunities that require new actions.

  •  Step 5: A Year Later – Open Your Letter Day
  • Make the opening an occasion.  Pick your favourite time of day (sunrise, sunset, midday, midnight – whatever time tickles you the most), and play a meaningful tune in the background. Sip on your drink of choice or indulge in a feast. Choose something that makes you feel good to be alive.

  • Step 6: Focus on Progress
  • When you read your letter, it will be tempting to focus on what you didn’t do, and what you failed to achieve. Resist that rocky road and its invitation for a self-esteem shakedown. Instead, firmly take the wheel, deftly drive around those potholes towards smoother trails, and take note of the progress you did make.

    You will have made more progress than you will believe at first.

    You might have wanted to go on a two-week holiday, but perhaps you had two, one-week holidays instead. Acknowledge that as a win, give yourself a high-five and mark that line with a big green tick. You might have written to yourself that you’d have a new job, but perhaps you got a promotion instead and are now happier than ever with your career. Big green tick. You get the idea.

    If you didn’t achieve something that you thought was really important to you, and you are disappointed, then read the Value-based goal hack in Part 2. Then look at how you can approach the same goal differently, or let it go.

  • Step 7: Repeat!
  • Have a good night’s sleep and the next day, write a new 12 month from today letter to yourself for 2019.

    You will be surprised at how imagining your future backward acts as a magnet to pull you forward. (Rather than setting goals that you hope will push you on).

    This year, avoid being a goal-setting or resolution failing cliché. Click here for more goal setting hacks in Part 2 …


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