Youth Centric Corporate Culture

Youth Centric Corporate Culture


Roll over baby-boomers – Gen Y is already here and Gen Z (born after 1995) is on its way.

By around 2020 the number of boomers exiting the workforce will exceed the number of late Y’s and early Z’s entering the workforce.


Ys & Zs will outnumber X’s although X’s will have their hands on the reins.  [I wonder how many Z’s would understand that expression?]

It’s not just in terms of age groups that youth will dominate –

Here is a bit of a frightening roll call of just how quickly organisations age:

  •   Apple born 1/4/1976
  •   eBay 3/9/95
  •   Google 4/7/98
  •   Facebook 4/2/04

The majority of the world’s population does not know a time before PC’s (personal computers), which were before laptops which were before notebooks, which were before ………. ??

Cultures and values need to evolve quickly. The efficiencies that Taylor’s Scientific Management, Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management, Max Webber’s Bureaucracy, are starting their decline into obsolesce.

What is going to replace them? Who knows?

However, those organisations that adopt and adapt a youth centric corporate culture and structure will be highly likely to be more appealing to a young workforce than organisations that are still rooted in the 20th century.

Those organisations will also be better placed to develop and deliver the new jobs of the 21st century, the jobs that don’t exist yet but which will be in high demand very soon.

By the way, can anybody fix my Fitbit? Anybody want a second hand GoPro?

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