Which is the Best Way to Gain My PMP Qualification?

Which is the Best Way to Gain My PMP Qualification?


Which is the best way to gain my PMP qualification?
It is a common question, do I choose to study PMBOK or obtain a Diploma of Project Management?

Let’s break it down … firstly by looking at the PMBOK and the PMP.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is an international standard for judging a project and acts as a guide for how a Project should be managed. Under the PMBOK there are 10 stages to a Project and 5 process groups.

The PMBOK also is one way to prepare for the Project Management Professional exam (PMP). The PMP is an international qualification from the International Project Management Association. Holding the PMP qualification gives immediate market recognition to you in your role as a Project Manager. To be eligible to hold a PMP even before sitting the test you must have the necessary secondary and/or tertiary qualifications and between 4,500-7,500 hours of experience in leading and directing projects. (It is generally accepted that there are 2080 average working hours in a year).

The PMP exam is challenging, (after all it is designed to identify the best of the bunch). There are many providers who offer PMP preparation exams, the price ranging from $1,300-$2,300. These courses are theory based, and usually not relevant to your actual work – they are purely designed to prepare you for what the PMP exam will ask. There is no one on one coaching or support, so if you don’t pass the exam, that money is gone. (There are many online forums where you can find discussions among your peers and explore this subject further).

Still with us? Now let’s discuss the Diploma of Project Management.

A Diploma of PM is a nationally recognised and globally respected Australian qualification. It can be completed in 6-12 months either online or in day or evening workshop sessions. The Diploma of PM is competency based, which means you need to provide work based evidence of implementing the project management skills you are learning on the job. In situations where this is not practical or possible, CAL’s Diploma of PM also provides comprehensive case studies for you to use to apply your knowledge).

In many cases you may have extensive experience already and can be given RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) which allows you to obtain your Diploma even faster. Our coaches will assess your CV and job roles and assist you with that process.

So does CAL’s Diploma of Project Management also prepare you for the PMP exam? The answer is yes.

By completing a Diploma of PM with CAL you also have access to over 50 hours of extensive online tutorials for no additional fee. We guarantee that if you complete every tutorial you will absolutely cover everything you need to know to pass the PMP. Quite simply, with a CAL Diploma of PM, there is no need to pay for an additional preparation course.

In addition CAL’s quality coaching is available to you at any time, so if you need additional workplace or case study practise in areas where you have less experience, you will receive it, again and again – until you feel confident that you’ve got it handled.

In the end the choice is yours, however if being a recognised PMP is your goal, then a program like CAL’s Diploma of PM will give you’re the confidence and skills to obtain it faster.

Last Updated on June 15, 2017 by Chloe Bickerton

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