Business Management vs Leadership Management: Which is right for me?

Which business diploma is best for me? Differences between business management and leadership management courses

Are you looking to begin a career in management or leader? Or keen to take the next step in your career to improve your job prospects? Both the Diploma of Business (Leadership) (BSB50120) and Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420) are excellent choices for giving you a stepping stone into a rewarding career in leadership, management or both.

A wide variety of people are suited to a career path in leadership and management. You do not necessarily need a lot of prior work experience to succeed in these roles– the diploma qualifications are well suited to a range of candidates, no matter their employment history.

Which diploma is best for me?

Both diploma qualifications are well aligned with those seeking leadership and management positions. However, the choice depends on exactly what you’re looking for in your future career, which may mean that a particular course is a better match for you.

For example, while the Diploma of Business (Leadership) is better suited to those who want to manage both people and businesses effectively, the Diploma of Leadership and Management is a better match for those seeking to step into senior management roles.

Diploma of Leadership and Management

The leadership management diploma is a fully accredited diploma qualification that equips students with the skills required for a successful career in management.

By completing units such as Manage People Performance, Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships and Manage Personal and Professional Development, the well-rounded course is ideal for those looking to manage a team in a mid or senior management role.

The qualification is suited to people with previous work experience looking at taking the next step in their career or those who may have some informal leadership experience and are looking to learn more about management. However, even those with no previous leadership experience will benefit from the course’s practical and highly relevant nature, which ensures students are job-ready when they graduate.

What can I do with a Diploma in Leadership and Management?

Upon graduating with a management diploma, students can find work in various industries such as financial services, retail management, hospitality management, operations, supply chain management and building and construction management, among others.

In Australia, 70.4% of managers have at least one Diploma qualification. Graduates could end up in roles such as Assistant Manager, Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Operations, Director, Executive or Project Manager, depending on their chosen industry.

Diploma of Business (Leadership)

This business diploma is a nationally recognised qualification that focuses on arming students with business management and leadership skills that will hold them in good stead for a vast range of future careers.

The qualification features units such as Lead Communication in the Workplace, Manage Team Effectiveness, Develop Critical Thinking in Others and Manage Business Resources. The strong focus on leadership and complementary skills in business operations is the ideal pairing for roles that require both people and business management skills.

This diploma differs slightly from the Diploma of Leadership and Management in that there is a stronger focus on business operations. As a result, a qualification in Business (Leadership) is well suited to those who manage or run a business. It is also ideal if you are looking to couple leadership positions with operational or financial responsibilities or gain traction for a promotion or career change.

Why Having a Business Diploma has Never Been More Important

Is business leadership a good course for me?

A Diploma of Business (Leadership) is an excellent choice for those who want a broad yet highly relevant qualification that will allow them to move into leadership positions in their career. You will graduate equipped with a range of practical operational skills applicable in a wide variety of industries. Graduates can find work in almost all industries in roles ranging from team leader, supervisor, manager or director.

What about the Diploma of Business Operations?

The Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) is another offering by the College for Adult Learning that suits a wide selection of students. It differs from the Diploma of Business (Leadership) and Diploma of Leadership and Management as it has a much stronger focus on the operational side of managing a business. The course equips students with the skills to not only successfully manage people but to operate a business too. Students learn specific operations and supply chain management skills to ensure the smooth day-to-day aspects of running a business.

This particular diploma qualification is best for people more interested in business operations and the technical, day-to-day operational side of a business but would also like to have the skills to manage and lead a team.

How to get Actual Job Outcomes from Business and Leadership & Management Diplomas

How to choose the best diploma for you

For those looking for a career in leadership and management, a well-rounded diploma qualification from the College for Adult Learning is an ideal stepping stone into a rewarding career. These courses equip graduates with the practical and theoretical skills required to excel in any future role. However, the perfect choice for each student is dependent on their specific career goals.

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