What’s in your Managerial Line of Sight?

What’s in your Managerial Line of Sight?


It can feel like a constant battle to keep employees motivated, particularly if they have no clear structure in their job, and they can’t see how they make a valuable contribution to the organisation. Managerial Line of Sight  is a valuable tool, which can help in these situations. It shows a direct relationship between the employees’ job and the goals and objectives of the organisation, demonstrated through the organisation’s Key Results Areas (KRA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Line of Sight Management helps managers across job set up and supervision; workforce planning; productivity metrics; performance management; reward and remuneration; learning and development; and career planning and selection. It also demonstrates their understanding of the various jobs they are responsible for.

Line of Sight is an evidence-based method of management, and includes:

  • Clearly articulating organisational goals, objectives, strategies and priorities in concrete, measurable terms by division, business unit and by individual.
  • Clearly defining organisational roles, responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities.
  • Identifying and applying metrics (performance measures) that accurately report performance and that are understood by both managers and employees.
  • Measuring the suite of metrics that best enable those outcomes.
  • Resourcing jobs to ensure that performance measures can be achieved.
  • Inspecting, reacting to and rewarding performance.
  • Implementing the right tools to monitor compliance with targets.
  • Provision of information and training to ensure that management have the awareness and skills necessary to react appropriately to the metrics.

Have you used a line of sight management & how does it help your business?

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