Indispensability: The Importance of Work/life Balance

Indispensability: The Importance of Work/life Balance

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Of course you are indispensable.  Yes, we all know just how crucial you are to the running of things.

But really, how long is it since you had a decent holiday and properly charged you batteries and spent time with your family and friends?

Well, with apologies to Saxon White Kessinger who originally published “The Indispensable Man” in 1959 in The Nutmmegger Poetry Club journal, think about this:

“Sometime when you’re feeling important;

Sometime when your ego’s in bloom;

Sometime when you take it for granted,

You’re the best qualified in the room:

Sometime when you feel that you’re going,

Would leave an unfillable hole…

Be proud of yourself”…

“But, humbly reflect and remember

That life will go on without you and that,

There’s no indispensable man.”

Prior to the 1990s, being indispensable was considered one of the best ways of ensuring you kept your job. In these more dynamic times, indispensability is considered to be an unacceptable corporate risk and at odds with good corporate governance.

In fact, one of the better ways to provide certainty of employment is to adopt Lao Tzu’s philosophy on leadership:

When the best leader’s work is done the people say we did it ourselves.

Being a manager who is great at developing their people provides a great shield when people are being picked for retrenchment and/or redundancy.

So why not have a break, recharge the batteries and read up on one of the most indispensable management texts – Lao Tzu by Tao Te Ching.

You’ll probably perform better for being refreshed!

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