The Importance of Reporting & Promoting your Project Benefits

The Importance of Reporting & Promoting your Project Benefits

How often do you find your project undervalued by management?

How often do you find yourself reflecting on the disappointing response of your project sponsor/s?

This could, of course be due to poor project management but, more often than not I am finding that this negative response all too often comes because the project manager has failed to adequately report on or highlight the benefits. This failure to show and highlight the project benefits in a simple, easy to read format is not only selling your project short but also selling your skills as a project manager short. So, why not take a few minutes to collect the data and present it for your stakeholders?

Preparing a good cost/benefit analysis will help you to calculate data that will illustrate the impact of your project which will, in turn inform your project stakeholders of the various success points in the project that might otherwise go unnoticed.

If you aren’t putting enough time into analysing your project benefits and promoting these back to your stakeholders then I would suggest this is something you need to focus on this year. Remember this reflects directly on your PM ability.


Helen Sabell

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