Our Learning Coaches

Meet the team

Sarah Sabell
Associate Director of Learning & Development

Sarah’s background in workplace training and work-ready education sees her well placed to not only understand many of the challenges faced by CAL’s students but to provide solutions, options and answers to many of these day-to-day obstacles.

Having just finished her Masters in Vocational Education, Sarah has a broad understanding of and interest in Education throughout Australia and internationally. Sarah works closely with CAL’s coaching and assessing team to ensure that all training CAL provides is precisely customised to each student’s needs, and delivered to the highest possible quality.

As the head of the course development team, she also looks for every opportunity to improve the training outcomes for students, corporate clients and industry, delivering a measurable ROI. Sarah has worked with some of Australia’s largest companies, and both State and Local Governments.

Miriam Oxford
Learning & Development Manager

Miriam has recently completed her PhD in Adult Education and brings to CAL a broad range of experiences across multiple industries. Starting her career in hospitality she gained an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, before undertaking an Honours Degree in Adult Education and postgraduate qualifications in Business & Technology, and HR.

Working for a variety of national and international companies including the Australian Human Resources Institute, Drake International, and TAFE Tasmania, she has developed a deep understanding of HR and business.

Miriam is a passionate lifelong learner, having pursued much of her learning as a distance and online student.  She has a strong focus on quality, compliance and working to ensure students are industry ready.

Michael Meere
Assessor & Learning Coach

Michael brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to CAL’s students, gained over the past 40 years, across positions from Board Member, to CEO; General Manager to consultant; working in both private and not for profit sectors.

Alongside this extensive managerial and corporate experience, Michael also holds a Master’s degree in HRM; a second Master’s degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has run his own HRM & Management consultancy for many years. Michael has also had ‘dirt-under-the-fingernail’ experience in project management, quality, logistics and the hard-end aspects of management.

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Meagan Rawlings
Assessor & Learning Coach

Meagan has more than 25 years of senior management experience working in both the health care sector and for large Multi-National Companies. Having managed and headed divisions from distribution chains to successful sales teams, Meagan is passionate about passing on her real-world experience to her CAL students.

With an in-depth understanding and knowledge of customer relationship management, rapport building, time management skills, leading and managing successful teams and customer service, Meagan can cultivate her students into job-ready leaders.

Mark Pinchen
Assessor & Learning Coach

Mark has a diverse professional background spanning a range of disciplines. After a technical trade schooling, he qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce and worked in industrial and commercial property with a building and construction focus. He held several Melbourne-based senior corporate property and facility management roles, at a national level.

Mark worked at general manager, VP Asia and CEO levels, managing international education organisations in national and Asian markets. He earned graduate qualifications in management, education and data processing, including three master’s degrees at this time. Mark has worked as a business analyst, project manager and management consultant with some of Australia’s largest companies. He is a current Certified Project Management Professional and Certified Change Manager, and holds current VET diplomas in project management, contract management, leadership and management, human resources, WHS, quality auditing and purchasing. He has a keen, ongoing interest in VET sector and IT systems training.

Lauren Ellingham
Assessor & Learning Coach

Lauren brings a wealth of experience in education and training having been a workplace trainer and educator/coach for over ten years. The extensive list of Lauren’s specialities includes Human Resources Management, Leadership & Management, Work Health & Safety and Project Management.

Lauren developed her strong passion for HR through working in Human Resources departments within the finance sector for over 13 years and can pass on her real-world experience to her students. Lauren loves to see her students succeed and endeavours to make every interaction with the students fruitful and rewarding. Lauren empowers and stretches her students to unlock their full potential and encourages them to take accountability of their own learning journey.

Neale Price
Assessor & Learning Coach

Neale has more than 40 years of experience in Business, Management and Project Management. He has held roles as Board member, Board secretary, CEO, EO and various managerial positions during his working career, after starting at the bottom and working his way up. He has been involved in the government, commercial not-for-profit sectors and managed collaborative projects across all 3 of these. Neale has previously acted as a mentor in the Leadership and Management area on numerous occasions and is more than willing to share his knowledge with our students.

Neale has worked in the agriculture, banking and finance, government support, research and development, education and academic sectors over his career. He has numerous qualifications to support his vast work experience and is ideally placed to provide assistance, support, guidance and direction to anyone who wants to successfully complete their studies.

Di Pierce
Assessor & Learning Coach

Di is an experienced coach and trainer/facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in the leadership, assessment and development, career development and HR space. She runs her own consultancy delivering HR services, executive coaching and training to corporate clients and individuals. Di delivers the Diploma of Human Resources, Diploma of Leadership and Management and Diploma of Business Admin to Victorian Chamber, Mercy Health, Newskills and Leadership Training for Odyssey Training.

Di worked as a Principal Consultant for an HR Advisory organisation where she successfully managed and delivered a large Executive Leadership Talent Assessment for Development Program for a National telecommunications organisation. Held previous positions as the Director of Leadership and Development for Women and Leadership after her Training Manager role for National Workplace Training where she led a team of 18 trainers and administrators.

Di also has strong relationship building and sales skills which were demonstrated in the early years as a Nutrimetics International Consultant/District Director where she built and then maintained a strong sales team of 160 within 6 months of commencing the business. Di was regularly in the top 10 in Australia for her team sales and the development of her team. Di is known to be an inspirational leader and a gifted mentor and coach.

Wendy Close
Assessor & Learning Coach

Wendy has over 35 years’ experience in the vocational training arena. Following initiating and managing her own businesses in Agriculture and Retail,  she continues to manage her own consultancy delivery in HR, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Workplace Health & Safety, Quality and Marketing to both corporate and private clients.

Wendy worked as a Senior Manager in the vocational training sector covering a number of roles including Campus Management, Business Development, Communications, Marketing, Quality and Faculty Management in both the TAFE and University sectors, winning a number of State wide and Departmental awards.

Wendy has a broad range of qualifications that support her student in their lifelong learning. Wendy is passionate about her students and endeavours to make every interaction as positive as possible, to ensure they succeed and follow their career and life journeys.

Alysia Moyle
Student Success Advisor

With a passion for education, Alysia is here to ensure success along your study journey. You may have seen Alysia around answering your questions in the Study Groups, solving your study inquiries via email or phone or just checking in. She works tirelessly to provide support and encouragement for her students however she can.

Alysia, along with the entire Student Support team, is here to make your studies as rewarding as possible while helping you achieve your learning goals.