Stocktake your year – Words of Advice from our Learning Coaches

Productive adult learning by 'Stocktaking' your year

Here we are at the half-way point of the year. Where did that go? June is a perfect time to take stock of your goals and how you are travelling with accomplishing them.


What do you need to keep doing well?

There will be countless things you are doing well this year so let’s pause and take the time to count them, just as you would in a physical stocktake. It can be all too easy to feel like these first six months has gone by with little to show because, unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to focus on the half-empty glass. So, we invite you to change that around and instead, consider all the Steps and Support that have filled your glass.

Steps – What have you done so far?

Get your notepad or digital notes app out and get going with at least 20 action steps you have done this year to assist you towards your goals. Your brain may resist you but push it anyway. Tell it to keep searching and remembering until you have those 20 items listed, even if it takes you all day. If your goal was to get fitter, what did you do towards that? Did you read a health magazine, order a salad instead of chips last week, use a Fitbit, take the stairs instead of the elevator? Acknowledge all those small moments, and then do something nice for yourself to celebrate, like get a massage, or have a juice with a friend.

Support- Who is on your team?

Make a list of your cheer squad and teammates. (If you are studying with CAL then your learning coach is one. Or it could be the sales person who keeps checking in with you, reminding you of your ambitions). Send them a quick thank you text or email. Let them know how much their support has meant to you this year. Remember to add yourself to your team as well – it takes courage to keep supporting yourself to be your best.

What do you need to let go of?

Yes, it’s a new season and a perfect time to let go of those unfashionable habits and old beliefs that nobody is buying anymore! Sometimes we outgrow last year’s ideas of ourselves but forget to toss them out, so they just sit there taking up room and gathering dust. Imagine yourself clearing out those thoughts or behaviours for good. Write yourself a congratulations letter and mail it to yourself. Tell a friend and ask them to hold you accountable to the new you. Clear out the old and make way for the new.

What do you need to do differently?

Are you stuck doing things the same way, but expecting a different result. As the saying goes, for things to change, first I must change. After a stocktake, a store will change the layout of their merchandise, a café will change their menu, or a business will hire new staff. You can also freshen your environment. Why not sell some unwanted stuff on gumtree or donate it to charity? A quick visit to Officeworks or Ikea can inspire you to reorganise your learning space. If you need more support, get specific about what you need. On what days and what times? What is your budget and potential options? If you need more time, look at where you can make better use of it now – perhaps cut back on social media or TV, or wake 15 minutes earlier. Can you swap time or services with a friend who also needs support? Challenge yourself to do at least one thing differently every day for the next week, the more you get familiar with making changes, the easier it gets.

As you take stock, also take heart, there are still six months left in this year. Go on now, grab onto them and make them your own. Our coaches are here when you need us, cheering for you in whatever your goals and ambitions are and wherever they may take you.