Do you have the experience to qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning?

If you’re thinking about undertaking some study, you should think first about what skills, experience and expertise you may already have. The process of RPL could reduce the time it takes for you to get qualified – you may not need to study at all!

If you are a highly experienced professional and believe that you currently hold a high level of knowledge, competence and ability in your field, then you can have that knowledge assessed through the RPL process to provide you credits against your studies.

The College offers skills recognition for the following qualifications and for a large number of units of competence that relate to these qualifications:

  1. Diploma of Leadership & Management
  2. Diploma of Project Management
  3. Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)
  4. Diploma of Human Resources Management
  5. Diploma of Logistics
  6. Diploma of Business Administration
  7. Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
  8. Certificate IV in Human Resources

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL is an efficient way for professionals with substantial and proven industry experience to gain a qualification quickly. RPL is the acknowledgement of fully competent skills, knowledge, expertise, experience and proven abilities usually obtained through the working environment as well as life experiences in general.

What are the Benefits of RPL?


Benefits of RPL include:

  • A reduction of study time,
  • Your skills are formally recognised with a nationally accredited qualification,
  • You don’t have to waste your time studying something you already know,
  • You will work one-on-one with an industry expert coach and assessor,
  • You manage your time, rather than trying to fit in with classes or cohort enrollments.

What is the Cost of RPL?

Unlike other RTO’s, we do not charge an application fee for RPL but overall costs will vary depending on the course you are enrolling in and on the outcome of your ‘RPL Self-Evaluation’. The cost of your RPL enrollment will be comparable to (and never more than) the cost for the same course undertaken via study/training.


Contact us for more details about the RPL process.


To take an RPL self evaluation quiz, click on the below corresponding course

Diploma of Human Resources

Diploma of Project Management

Diploma of Logistics

Diploma of Business Administration

Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

Diploma of Leadership and Management