The new Diploma of Logistics course TLI50219

The new Diploma of Logistics course TLI50219

New Diploma of Logistics

The College for Adult Learning has  been approved and have released the newest qualification in this exciting field, the Diploma of Logistics. This new course has an updated course code an now supersedes the older versions of this qualification. Read on to find out more!

What is The Diploma of Logistics TLI50219?

Every few years, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) update course rules and the way that they are packaged to continually meet the needs of industry. This ensures the skills and knowledge gained by graduates of these training packages are work force ready.

The Diploma of Logistics – TLI50219 is the newly updated course which supersedes the old TLI50410 course (which is the 2010 qualification). By studying the newest iteration of the Diploma of Logistics, you are ensuring that you meet the new training standards as set out by the logistics industry and that you have the most up to date skills and qualification available in the competitive job market.

Is the old course still valid?

Yes. However I describe it like driving an older model car as opposed to the newest model with all the bells and whistles. The older model may still get you from A to B, but it will be more prone to breakdowns, have worse economy, a lower re-sale value, will eventually need to be updated and it will not be as well respected in the workplace!

If you are looking at studying the Diploma of Logistics, you will not be eligible to enrol in the old TLI50410 course as of the 1st of January 2016. You must enrol in the new course TLI50219 as set out by the national regualtror ASQA.

Should I study this new Diploma of Logistics course?

If you’re reading this, then absolutely! The new Diploma of Logistics – TLI50219 in consultation with the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the logistics industry. Notably, recent statistics from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training for the Diploma of Logistics indicated that:
· 98% of graduates from were employed or in further training after completion
· 29.7% went on to study at either TAFE or University
· 99% received personal benefits from training
· 75.8% received job-related benefits from training (as opposed to only 66.8% for similar courses)

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What is different?

New Standards for Training Packages were endorsed by the Standing Council on Tertiary
Education, Skills and Employment (SCOTESE) on 16 November 2012. By 31 December 2015, all training packages are required to meet the new standards. Additionally for TLI50219 the following changes have been made:
· TLIF0002 Administer chain of responsibility policies and procedures added to the core units
· Total number of units for the qualification has increased from 14 to 15
· Updated to align with the Standards for Training Packages

What are the job prospects like?

With the last 5 year job growth at 38.4%, future employment growth indicated to be very strong and future job openings above average for the industry, the future is very bright for those in the logistics field. Check out some of the job statistics from the governments website

The College for Adult Learning has been approved to be one of the very few Registered Training Organisations in Australia to start delivering this qualification. The College for Adult Learning holds delegate standing with the national regulator for vocational training, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Only a select few training organisations hold this prestigious standing as a mark of a high performing RTO with a history of compliance with the national standard. Due to this standing, CAL can deliver this newest qualification sooner to those looking to get qualified in logistics.

When researching on which course to choose ensure that you are aware of the following:

  • Is it the newest nationally recognised qualification? CAL has the most up to date qualification in Australia.
  • Is the training provider registered? CAL is a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation #22228
  • Are they registered to deliver that qualification? Yes we are. Refer to the website to see who can deliver the qualification
  • Is the course affordable? CAL has many different payment plans for all of our courses for every budget. Beware of VET-FEE Help schemes which you don’t have to pay anything up front for, but you may incur a $20,000+ loan which you will eventually have to pay back.
  • What support is provided? CAL provides all of your tutor support with our in house specialists who have years of industry and teaching experience. Beware of some providers who have little or no support that is outsourced externally.

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