What Makes a Great Salesperson?

What Makes a Great Salesperson?

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Let’s be honest, those who work in sales have a challenge every day to diminish common perceptions that include being pushy, persistent, and highly money driven without much compassion. Sales representatives can be found almost anywhere, such as at malls and kiosks or sitting behind a desk coming up with sales pitches. They are responsible for making sure their brand is known by the target market and is bringing in revenue. Therefore, they are regarded as ambitious with the goal to meet their sales quota. A successful sales representative knows not to chase customers but to wait for them to show an interest, which is when they begin offering advice and work on obtaining a sale.

Sales representatives can make or break the image of the product or brand they’re selling since they interact directly with customers. They’re the personification of the brand in the eyes of the customers, which is why they must be trained to address customer concerns that may arise in line with the company’s values. Representatives who lack in training will be seen as incompetent, too assertive or possibly too passive. That’s why every business should properly train their sales team in order to align their performance with the expectations of the company.

What traits and qualities should an effective sales representative have in order to help your company make more sales?

Great sales representatives are problem solvers.

A talented sales representative not only brings in a high number of sales each month but also is quick to provide solutions for customers who have specific criteria. A salesperson should have a stocked arsenal of knowledge in order to successfully assist customers. For example, a customer may be looking for bed covers that are cheap yet of high quality. A bad salesperson would just point them in the direction of bed covers. However, a great salesperson would assist them in choosing the linens that match their standards. The sales representative can even provide samples so the customer can analyse the fabric and choose their desired pattern. Of course every customer is different when it comes to being approached, but this shouldn’t deter the salesperson from going above and beyond. All sales representatives should strive to find the ideal solution for each customer they interact with.

Great sales representatives treat their customers with respect.

Every customer wants to easily find what they’re looking for and continue on with their day. A customer should be provided, and reasonably expects, great service and the best selection of products. Part of providing great service on the part of the sales representative is knowing when to be helpful and when to step back and let the customer browse at their own pace. Today there are plenty of stores to choose from when it comes to purchasing just about any item, therefore, a customer needs to feel comfortable and not bombarded by a sales representative or they will be tempted to leave. Knowing the balance of when to approach, how much help and advice to offer and when to back away is vital for the sales representative to practice.

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Great sales representatives are grateful for each sale.

It’s always a good idea to show your gratitude with a simple ‘thank you’ when a customer provides a sale, especially if they’re a loyal customer. However, even if a customer doesn’t end up buying anything, it’s important to thank them for coming in, as this can leave a positive impression and gives the brand a positive image.

Great sales representatives listen to the customer.

Sometimes, it’s tempting for a sales representative to talk in excess about the benefits of one particular product when they should be listening to the customer instead. The representative should allow the customer to express what they’re after while they absorb the information. Listening is key and sometimes leads to a sale happening quicker.

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Great sales representatives don’t make too many promises.

If a salesperson were to make a promise, the customer may hold them to that promise. Therefore, don’t make a promise you can’t keep. A great salesperson does not make absolute statements but still works on meeting the customer’s expectations. If the sales representative comes through and exceeds the expectations of the customer, it may make him or her a repeat buyer and loyal customer.

Enthusiasm radiates from a great salesperson.

A salesperson should be passionate about the brand they’re representing. They shouldn’t simply know which products suit certain needs because the customer can figure that out for themselves. Instead, a great salesperson should be able to provide unique insights and comparisons of the different products the customer may be interested in. Cosmetic sales representatives are a great example of this. They show genuine interest in the needs of their customers, where they can instantly make recommendations and physically apply the product.

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Great sales representatives know the value of time.

They arrive early for all appointments and are conscious of their customers’ time. This factors into making a good impression and reflects the brand’s image. Sales representatives tend to show unprofessionalism when they waste time and stall customers, which can lead to loosing a sale. Focus should be on providing great service in the shortest possible time.

Great sales representatives are goal-oriented.

They do what it takes to meet their quotas in an ethical manner. The ultimate goal is to sell products and raise their customer base, with a method in place that is achievable.

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