Human Resources Job Trends for 2022

Human Resources Job Trends for 2022

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What can you expect on the horizon regarding Human Resources job trends for 2022 and beyond?
A wise business owner knows that employees are by far their greatest asset. Great companies provide workers with an environment in which they’re invested not just financially, but emotionally too. A good Human Resources professional helps facilitate this. Understanding the trending challenges and changes ahead can empower you to confront (and embrace) them in your business.

Continued salary growth

The global Human Resource Management sector is predicted to be worth $30 billion by 2025. Entry-level HR professionals in Australia can expect a starting salary of $56,000, rising to $90,000 within five years (on average). However, you’ll need and the right qualifications to get there beginning with a Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50320).

Be trustworthy to attract young talent

Historically, Human Resources practises were built around an assumption of trust: trust in the boss, trust in the process, trust in technology. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Job-changing is now more normal than not, and young workers are leading the way. Millennials (born from 1981 to 1996) change jobs at a rate three times that of their older colleagues. A recent LinkedIn survey found three quarters of would-be applicants place a workplace’s culture at the forefront of their decision about whether to apply for a job. Then it’s no surprise that companies with a reputation for having their workers’ trust is going to be attractive to a prospective employee.

Focus on career engagement and development

Some industry experts predict spending on employee engagement will increase by an incredible 45% in 2022. Increasingly, employee engagement software is being used to gather and track employee feedback and promote positivity within the workplace. Ongoing training and education, recognition and career development are the cornerstones of this software. Tailoring individual solutions for each employee is also on the rise, including areas like mental health and overall wellness.
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Encouraging workplace tolerance and diversity

Employers are beginning to understand the virtues of diversity in a modern workplace. Selecting your workforce to reflect the vast social and cultural differences which exist outside of the office open-plan has enormous benefits. Companies that embrace equality at a board level have learned this valuable lesson. Not every appointment is high-profile and ‘unconscious bias’ can remain a hiring factor in otherwise tolerant workplaces. A recent survey found applicants whose resumes featured ‘white sounding’ surnames were 75% more likely to be given an interview than applicants with Asian sounding surnames. A good HR manager will help the company identify any bias (latent or otherwise) and help remove it from the equation.

Driving change in workplace standards

Macquarie Dictionary declared ‘#metoo’ as the 2018 word of the year, but its impact in the workplace will be felt more than ever in 2022 and beyond. Spending on sexual harassment training will increase, to the extent where Virtual Reality training will become a significant tool of choice. After all, there’s nothing like having to walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes to help them understand why harassment has no place in the office.

Sadly, there’s a long way to go. The fact is, a harrowing 35% of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, and 73% of all workers feel managers turn a blind eye to inappropriate language or behaviour. As a human resources manager, how wonderful to think you may be a driver of change.

The branding of your culture

Coca-Cola’s is not only one of the world’s most recognisable logos and it instantly identifies the company as a global leader. Visual branding is what stands you apart from the pack and can be applied to small or medium business too. Focus on the recruitment page of your website, and ‘sell’ the company’s ethos as carefully as you would your product. A business’ mission statement or culture can be more important to a would-be candidate than the actual business you undertake. After all, research reveals that the Millennials we mentioned earlier would take a $10,000 pay cut in exchange for improved work life.
Overall, Human Resources is shedding its role from tactical to strategic. Everything from board recruitment to technology will be focused on building a happy, healthy workforce where workers arrive to work with a smile on their face.
Be strategic in your approach to 2022 job trends in Human Resources and act now to achieve a Diploma in Human Resources (BSB50320).

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