How to Deliver More with Less in Project Management

How to Deliver More with Less in Project Management


In today’s market, more and more project managers have to deal with tightening budgets, and increased client expectations. So how do you still achieve results, when it feels like you’re being asked to deliver more, with less?

  • Careful planning
    This can help smart project managers to avoid waste (in terms of resource, time and/or costs) that may have been more easily tolerated in previous projects.
  • Learning from the past
    Post Implementation Review (PIRs) from previous projects can contain a wealth of information on how to increase your project management efficiency. If you’re not already undertaking PIRs on your projects, you can find out more about the value they can add to your planning here.
  • Be wary of cutting corners
    If you’re having to look for ways to ‘cut corners’ on specifications, time, resources or budget; make sure you undertake a risk review before you make any decisions. Taking the time to review all the risks involved can save you from potentially disastrous knock on effects down the track. Sadly, these are all too often the result of hastily made decisions on potential savings. Remediation can often cost significantly more than the savings realised.
  • Keep on top of all variations
    Be especially diligent when it comes to documenting and managing all project variations. When budgets are already tight, properly managing scope changes can save you having to wear additional and unnecessary costs on your projects.

The road to successfully delivering more with less in your project management starts with careful planning. Taking the time to stop, review and plan could actually end up saving you more than you’d expect.

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