Are you Lacking Relevant Experience for the Career you Want?—Here’s How to Build Your Resume

Are you Lacking Relevant Experience for the Career you Want?—Here’s How to Build Your Resume

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Workers who are interested in getting the best job that they can in today’s market face plenty of challenges; unemployment has either stayed steady or grown this year, and many of those who are looking for a new position already have plenty of qualifications in their field, which makes the job market competitive.

If you do not have a wealth of professional experience that is relevant to the kind of job you want, you might be wondering how you can compete with those who do. The key to success is to think carefully about how to build your resume based on the nature of the field.

To give yourself a good chance at breaking into a specific field or type of position that you desire, there are a few helpful steps to take that will get you closer to the kind of job that you want.

Closely Review Your Previous Experience

Think about all of the work that you have done since you seriously entered the workforce. It is very likely that there were some tasks or duties from positions you have had previously that will still be effective in your new industry, and which will make you a stronger candidate when being considered for employment.

For example, imagine a situation where someone had worked in an administrative role in the corporate world for several years but was looking to transition to a position in sales. At first glance, it may not seem like this particular person has much experience that would be applicable for a sales role. However, when you closely look at the functions of the two positions, it is easy to see that there are indeed some administrative job functions that can be applied to a sales position. Skills like good communication, organisation, and an attention to detail are valuable for both sales reps as well as administrative professionals.

After taking the time to go through your previous experience in this way, it should be easier to understand how to build a resume that highlights the things you did that relate most closely to your desired industry. You will also need to take the initiative of involving yourself closely in the industry before you get hired.

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Learning About Your Desired Field or Position

Before you can get the type of job that you want to have, you must position yourself as someone who knows a lot about the industry or function of the job. To help with this, you should make sure that you do your research about what is going on in the field. If possible, try to attend some events that are relevant to the industry in your area. Not only will you gain insight about what is going on in your field, you may be able to meet someone who can help you get your foot in the door for the kind of position that you want.

In addition to learning more about your field, you should also try to drill down and learn more about what human resources managers are looking for on the resumes of job applicants. Is there a specific trait or skill that you see time and time again when you are looking at job descriptions similar to the one that you want? It is a good bet that you should be looking to build up these skills to have a better shot at being hired.

Another excellent way to learn more that will also help you impress prospective employers is gaining certifications in the field that you want to enter. For example, if you are an IT professional who is trying to transition more into software development, you might consider looking into certifications that are available for the languages that you want to learn more about. This gives you something else that you can put on your resume that employers might be looking for.

Final Thoughts on How to Build Your Resume

If you don’t have adequate experience in a field or for a position that you are highly interested in, it can be a challenge, but there are some creative ways to overcome this obstacle. By thinking outside of the box and keeping abreast of opportunities to network with people and organisations in your desired field, it will be easier for you to get the kind of position that you want. As you go about considering how to build your resume, remember to incorporate the kinds of skills that you have that will portray you in the most positive light to your desired employers.

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