Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette

Here Are Seven Tips When Considering Reducing Your Inbox and Using Email Etiquette:

How many e-mails to do you receive? If you answered a-lot, you’re not alone. Of course, this poses more pertinent questions: how do we reduce the volume of e-mails we receive? What is correct email etiquette? Here are seven tips when considering reducing your inbox and on using e-mail etiquette:

  1. If I’m sending this e-mail to one person, have I corresponded with them before?
  2. If my e-mail is going to a group, do I know each individual and whether they will be offended, or would they be unhappy to receive e-mail for any other reason?
  3. If sending out a bulk e-mail, can you e-mail just anyone for the sake of it? It’s no good sending something to a group of engineers, if there is nothing in it for them
  4. If doing a cold call e-mail, make sure it’s welcome and not spam. If you are nervous about sending an e-mail but think it will be welcomed by the recipient, there is no need to apologise. If you think you need to apologise for the e-mail or for sending it, it is spam.
  5. Are you angry when writing the e-mail?, save it as a draft and come back to it later
  6. Could I deliver my message better with a phone call instead of an e-mail
  7. Is there anything in this e-mail that would make me uncomfortable if it went public, either in the workplace or externally?
  8. Are there any emoticons anywhere within the e-mail you have received? Consider deleting it
  9. Are there any creatures or animals of any kind in the footer of the e-mail? If so, consider deleting it
  10. Are there any pithy slogans or causes in the subject line of the e-mail subjects like “please join someone you’ve never heard off raising funds for cause X , please don’t delete!!! Earn extra $$$.” Just delete them straight away

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