Eight Things Managers and Project Managers should Say to Your Employees

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Eight Things Managers and Project Managers should Say to Your Employees
  • During performance reviews. Your feedback is more important than mine: You need to give specific actionable feedback to employees. More importantly, you want to hear how the employee perceives themselves. Emphasise that they can talk as well as listen.
  • Remind Me Later: Employees understand if you cannot answer a question or respond immediately. Try saying “that sounds great, don’t forget to tell me about this, I really want it know what you think about…”
  • Raising Problems Is Good but Solutions Are Better: As Managers or Project Managers, you naturally want employees to raise problems and issues. However, don’t be afraid of Employees using their own initiative. If they make mistakes provide feedback, don’t discourage them from taking initiative
  • Superstars are Important but equally so are great attitudes: Employees can provide great contributions as individuals, but some have poor interpersonal skills. Try to emphasise the importance of working as a team to every employee
  • Tell Me Bad News First: Everyone likes to hear good news but in business, it is equally important to hear bad news. Don’t chastise employees if they deliver bad news. Try saying “thanks for telling me quickly, I’m glad I know, and that we can… ” This approach makes a potential negative into a positive by encouraging proactive responses. If you take this approach, you’ll discover problems sooner.
  • Hey, That’s Great, Tell Me How You Do That: Employees who blow their own trumpet, aren’t necessarily egotistical, it’s likely that they are just insecure. Don’t just feign interest with an employee’s accomplishments, ask for details. When told of an employee accomplishment, don’t just say “Good Job, well done.” Take an interest in your Employees accomplishment by asking “how did you do that?” By doing this you will boost their self-esteem and confidence of your employees.
  • Please tell me when I muck up: Great Leaders will encourage constructive criticism between their employees and themselves. Develop an open environment, where employees feel free to give their boss feedback. Establishing this level of Rapport   between employees and management takes time to build up, so you may have the constantly ask for feedback at least initially.
  • I’m sorry: Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. Don’t dwell on it, just apologise as quickly with as few words as possible. Act swiftly to correct your mistake so you can move on as soon as possible. Do not blame other people or make excuses for your mistakes.

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