Trends in Construction Management Jobs – Australia 2017

Trends in Construction Management Jobs – Australia 2017

2017 Australian Trends in Construction Management jobs

Construction Management trends in 2017 are positive and plentiful. Construction Management is a growing sector in Australia in 2017 as the population grows and interest rates remain low. Overall consumer sentiment is positive, and technology continues to improve building methods and quality of life for all.

2017 Prospects for Construction Management Jobs

Construction Managers are responsible for timely and quality project coordination of built facilities from planning through to completion. Careers exist in civil engineering and infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

Across Australia, there is a nationwide boom in industries related to building and project management. Due to the skill shortage in Construction Management jobs and related jobs, many companies are regularly outsourcing work to third-party businesses and hiring entire project teams when necessary.

The construction industry is the third largest employing industry in Australia at around 9% of the country’s workforce. The start of 2017 sees almost 10,000 Project Management jobs and over 9,000 Construction Management jobs available Australia wide on Seek. Site managers, civil construction managers and project managers are in high demand.

Construction Management opportunities in Australia

Most states are seeing a skill shortage that flags opportunity in the building and construction workforce. A skill shortage also creates salary opportunities as employers realise they need to offer attractive employment packages to secure the right people.

  • Victoria, NSW and Queensland offer 74% of Australia’s construction employment and the construction market remains buoyant overall.
  • Victoria has the highest population growth, and residential construction remains high, as does demand for trained professionals to fulfil jobs. Commercial building in infrastructure, aged care, education and healthcare remain high.
  • NSW sees both commercial and residential construction growth. A large ageing population sees a rise in healthcare, aged care and retail developments.
  • Queensland’s residential high-rise boom is over, and many of those involved in construction management jobs have moved to NSW, leaving a skill shortage in the north for constructing affordable and detached residential housing. Brisbane City Council is aiming to see 220,00 new homes built over the next ten years. Civil infrastructure jobs are also on the rise.
  • Many opportunities still exist in mining construction and defence projects in North Queensland and Northern Territory.
  • South Australia is expecting solid projects in commercial construction with many permanent opportunities increasing.
  • ACT continues to see high-rise residential and mixed-use construction growth with a short supply of construction and project managers.
  • In WA, civil projects are underway in road and rail systems with temporary assignments available.

Millennials and women will change the construction industry

The Master Builders is actively tackling the issue of ageing workers and a lack of younger workers in the building and construction sector. With many of Australia’s current construction professionals due to retire in the next ten years, there is a huge opportunity for millennials to enter the construction sector now and upskill as fast as possible to fast track their construction management career path.

High demand, changing mindsets, and equal opportunities are reasons why women are now welcomed and succeeding in this previously male dominated industry. More women are gaining qualifications in project management and construction management and making traction into management positions as demand continues for qualified professionals across all Australian states.

Other 2017 Construction Management Jobs Facts

The current salary range is $80,000 – $160,000 with an average salary of $115,000

The percentage of males and females working full time and part time are:

  • Male Full Time: 86.3%
  • Male Part Time: 8.2%
  • Female Full Time: 4.7%
  • Female Part Time: 0.8%

Related jobs and titles include

  • Site Manager
  • Site Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Project Manager

Construction Management is a career plentiful with opportunity and career satisfaction. Start your construction management career pathway today with a Diploma in Building and Construction Management.


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