How to get a Business Administration career in 2017 that fits your passion, your way

How to get a Business Administration career in 2017 that fits your passion, your way

Business Administration career in 2017

2017 Business Administration career opportunities

The Business Administration career market in 2017 will again be full of opportunity. Currently, across Australia, there are over 26,000 jobs available in Administration*. One of these jobs could be your ideal starting place in an industry that fits your passion.

How to follow your passion to your ideal career

The good news about Business Administration is that it’s a core function that every business needs. Reception, secretarial duties, personal assistants, project-team admin, finance support, and office managers are required by every small to medium business, corporation and organisation in Australia.

So, if your passion,

  • is fashion
  • or the arts
  • or sport
  • or aviation
  • or finance
  • or community service
  • or animals, etc.,

then there is a bright future ahead for you. With some persistence, you will find work in your ideal industry, in a role that fulfils your need for personal expression, as well as your need for a great income.

Give yourself an immediate advantage

The best way to secure a job in Business Administration that fulfils your passion is to have a qualification like a Diploma of Business Administration from the College for Adult Learning.

However, first you must face the challenge of getting your job. Between you and an interview with your potential new mentor, at your ideal workplace, there are at least fifty other applications, a recruitment agency and a ticking clock.

You want to make an instant and fast impression with your CV. You need to stand out from the crowd of applications, make the shortlist, and secure a chance to share your like-mindedness and enthusiasm in an interview situation.

A Diploma in Business Administration will get the instant attention of recruiters and give you that foot in the door advantage you are after. A business administration qualification is a trusted signal to employers that you are

  • serious about your career,
  • you have a self-starter mindset, and
  • an aptitude that doesn’t shy away from commitment.

Business Administration Career


Work and study – get the best of both worlds

If you are a 2016 school leaver, or are returning to study, you can still work while you study part-time. While you study, you benefit from having a personal learning coach to keep you on track. You also join a community of other passion-driven students from across Australia who are like you, committed to their business administration career paths in their ideal workplace. With focus and support, you can finish your Diploma in Business Administration within a year or faster and be ready to go.

The College for Adult Learning even provides coaches to assist you to write your CV, encourage you through the interview process, and celebrate with you when the job is yours. Once you enrol, and are on your way through the modules, you may even find a workplace prepared to support you to finish your qualification as part of your employment contract.

Prepare for your future success now

If you dream of one day running a business in your area of interest, then a grounding in Business Administration is the perfect starting point. You can learn all you need to, while being paid, as you gather the experience and confidence you need to go out on your own.

Likewise, the opportunities for advancement to senior administration and key management positions are plentiful once you have some experience added to your CV. You can even choose to expand your options and return to part-time study in a complementary area such as Human Resources or Business Leadership, using on the job learning as credits towards your course.

Don’t settle for less

You deserve to dream. The well-known philosopher Joseph Campbell’s most quoted phrase is “Follow your bliss”. If you have a dream of living life to the beat of your drum, in a field that you resonate with, then seize the moment and begin your Business Administration career in 2017. Follow the path that is beckoning you today, and refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve.



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