2018 Trends in Business Administration Jobs

2018 Trends in Business Administration Jobs

The 2018 trends for Business Administration Jobs are looking bright. There are business administration jobs available in every sector of business, making it easy to secure a position in a field you are interested in, for example, Healthcare, Finance, Recruitment or Communications.

What businesses need business administration?

On Seek, there are currently 9150 business administration jobs available across Australia today. A job candidate searching for a position in business administration will find a wide variety of positions available to meet most needs, be that full-time, part-time, city, rural, entry-level jobs or roles for experienced administrators.

Today’s workplaces rely heavily on key administration roles. Tomorrow’s workplaces need tech-savvy and innovative administrators to align processes to the company’s goals and champion sustainable and scalable initiatives.

There are many places to find quality employment in a field of work that aligns with your interests and talent allowing you to hone and develop new skills to keep up with the technology revolution.

The workplace sectors with the most business administration jobs are:

Business Sector No of jobs
Administration and Office Support 2480
Information and Communications Technology 998
Construction 654
Real Estate and Property 615
Accounting 506
Sales 429
Banking and Finance 386
Human Resources and Recruitment 335
Healthcare and Medical 301


Salary opportunities in business administration jobs

SEEK reported that the average advertised salary was $56,432, and job ads for administration and office support roles were rising by 12% year-on-year.

The Hays Salary Report shows that there is scope for a good level entry salary and ongoing career advancement, while Payscale shows that experience correlates to a steady average salary growth.

Office Support Positions Average Salary
Administrative Assistant – Entry-level (Less than 5 years’ experience) $46,000
Administrative Assistant – Mid-career (5-10 years’ experience) $49,000
Office Manager $57,200
Executive Assistant $68,300


In addition, there are over 3,000 business administration management roles on Seek advertising salaries above $80,000 with attractive superannuation benefits.

A snapshot of business administration trends in Australia

The South Australian Government has produced a careers skills website which shows a snapshot of Australia’s business and administration industry (www.skills.sa.gov.au). Quick facts include:

  • 98,900 people living in SA are employed in the business and administration industry. This represents 12.3% of the State’s workforce.
  • More than two-thirds of the workforce are employed full-time.
  • One-third of the workforce has diploma, advanced diploma or university degree qualifications or higher.
  • Women make up around two-thirds of the business and administration workforce.
  • The age spread of people working in the industry is older than the average age of the South Australian workforce.
  • To work in the business administration industry, you need to be organised and have good attention to detail. Computer skills are essential, and you must be able to communicate well with others, particularly in writing.
  • Wages depend on qualifications, experience and level of responsibility. A reception assistant earns between $600 and $800 per week. Jobs that require a higher level of expertise and experience will attract higher earnings, such as a human resource manager, which attracts $2,000 per week or more.
  • Typical occupations include – Advertising and marketing professional, call (or contact) centre personnel, director or manager, conveyancer and legal professional, court and legal officer, data analyst, executive assistant/secretary, general clerk, human resource officer, management and organisation analyst, office administrator/manager, project officer, public relations officer, purchasing and supply logistics officer, receptionists/switchboard operator, records officer, safety inspector or regulatory officer.
  • High-level administration management occupations are general manager, facilities manager, corporate secretary, advertising and sales manager, CEO, managing director and small business owners

Business administration qualifications in Australia

Studies in Australia, is an online advisory guide for international students who want to study in Australia. They cite business administration and management as one of the most popular fields of study among international students and recommend that a business qualification allows entry into a wide range of careers.

Studies in Australia recommend an Australian business qualification that encourages graduates to think globally about Eastern and Western perspectives of business and management.

With many employers seeking traits such as global perspective, independent thinking and leadership skills, choosing a high-level and respected qualification is important in a growing, competitive marketplace.

Secure your career advantage today

This year is seeing the growth trends in business administration continue to climb. With more jobs and more candidates seeking work, a competitive advantage is becoming an important asset. The best career asset now is a qualification in business administration.

The entire BSB training package has undergone a review and overhaul from PWC and AISC. In October 2020, the new Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) course was announced, superseding and expanding on the older Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415). The Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) focuses on the operations of a business, particularly key transferable skills in business administration, finance and communication, to create a more holistic and future-focused business qualification. Learn more about the Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) here.