10 Ways Time Poor Managers Can Better Support their Teams

10 Ways Time Poor Managers Can Better Support their Teams


Many of us today, are so time poor, that despite all our good intentions, we just can’t seem to give our team the supervision and support they need.

Here are 10 steps which can help you give your team the support they need, and build a mutually beneficial working relationship, for you, your employee and your organisation.

  1. Focus.  Give clear and concise instructions that directly address the tasks involved in the job, and the outcome required for it to be a success.
  2. Equip. Make sure staff have the right equipment, resources and materials needed to complete the job within the deadline.
  3. Know the individual. Take the time to get to know your staff as individuals, their personalities and what motivates at work.
  4. Value. Ensure your staff understand how important their job is, and its importance to the organisation.
  5. Trust. Cultivate a professional rapport with your team, and begin to build a relationship based on trust.
  6. Growth. Provide your staff with new skills and professional growth opportunities whenever possible.
  7. Listen to the other person. Actively listen to the other person and respect their views and any advice they may offer.  You don’t always have to act on the advice, but at least let their views be heard.  You never know what you might learn from a relationship built on mutual respect.
  8. Pride. Give your employees the opportunity to take pride in, and ownership of their work.
  9. Review. Encourage your employee to take ownership of of the job, and their performance.  This includes asking them to accurately and realistically rate their own performance, and take the responsibility to improve their performance if necessary.
  10. Challenge. Regularly offer your employee challenges, giving them the opportunity to realise their talent and potential.  Regular challenges help to allay boredom and build professional fulfilment for your staff in their jobs.

What problems have you encountered when supervising staff and how did you handle them?  Have you used any other methods to support your team?

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